2019 Festival: 20th anniversary


From 1 to 4 august the 20th edition of the festival will be held. four magnificent concerts will be the star shows that will kick off a schedule that will be rounded off with Somontano wine tasting, winery tours and wine tasting courses.




The Somontano Wine Festival continues to prioritise the PDO’s connection to culture, theatre and the arts, which are once again the travel companions for the promotional activities for Somontano wines.

The Barbastro Congress Centre will once again be the stage for the performances during the Somontano Wine Festival. A perfectly equipped space for the four varied shows that are playing to full halls on their tours.

The programme brings four wonderful shows to the stage, one on each night of the contest:

“The Magic of Jorge Blass”

Thursday, 1 August, 11p
The Magic of Jorge Blass

Jorge Blass will perform new and amazing tricks during this 90 minute show for the whole family.

Impossible and visually stunning effects will take place, with appearances and disappearances, mind-blowing levitations and interactive magic where the audience takes the leading role. All cloaked in a halo of mystery and lovely visuals.

Jorge will present new illusions with 21st century technology, a drone as his assistant and many more surprises.

YLLANA. “The Opera Locos”

Friday, 2 August, 11pm
YLLANA, ‘The Opera Locos’

Five lyrical singers are the stars of The Opera Locos, an operatic comedy in which the big hits of opera are merged with other musical styles, in the most original way.

With unique staging, gorgeous visuals and Yllana’s sense of humour, The Opera Locos showcases a new and different way of experiencing opera and, above all, make it approachable and fun for all audiences in this fresh and lively show.

‘Hija de la Luna’, the homage to MECANO.

Saturday, 3 August, 8 and 11pm
‘Hija de la Luna’, the homage to MECANO

‘Hija de la Luna’ is a homage project that started in 2016 for the 25th anniversary since the last tour of Mecano, the most important Spanish pop group.

Robin Torres physical and vocal similarity to Ana Torroja is the key to the success of this group from Seville and what sets it head and shoulders above any other tribute group.

Robin took part in the 2015 edition of the television show ‘The Voice’


Sunday, 4 August, 8pm

‘Dos tierras’ is a journey into the soul of two regions of southern Europe: Aragon and Salento. Distant lands that are very different, although they have historical commonalities, when the people of Aragon governed southernmost Italy at the beginning of the Modern Age.

Miguel Ángel Berna, the top advocate of reviving Aragon’s jota (a folklore dance with live music and song), and Manuela Adamo, an expert in the traditions of Taranta (spider) dancing in southern Italy, take you on a journey through the deepest emotions of the human being via music that belongs to the two lands of Salento and Aragon.

Ticket sales

Ticket prices are €20 for each performance, which are seated, with advance sales starting on Monday, 15 July.

From 15 July to 1 August, the day before the festival starts, tickets for the 2018 Somontano Wine Festival can be bought in advance at the Somontano Designation of Origin Regulatory Council (Avda. de la Merced, 64, Barbastro, Huesca) Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm. On these same dates, tickets can also be purchased by ringing the offices of the Designation of Origin: 974 31 30 31.

On the website of the Somontano Designation of Origin Regulatory Council (www.dosomontano.com), you can view the theatre layout for the Barbastro Congress Centre at which the shows will be held, so you can pick your seats.

On the day of the shows, tickets will only be sold at the Barbastro Congress Centre box offices two hours before the start time.


The Somontano Wine Tasting exceeds all expectations year after year and continues to be the star of the festival.

Its location, for the sixth consecutive year, will be the outside area of the Barbastro Trade Fair Institution. Due to the large number of attendees and the excellent layout of the spaces, there will be 13,500 plus square metres so that the thousands of visitors to the show have a wonderful area in which to savour tapas and wines in the very best setting possible, with no crowding or pressure.


En el marco del Festival Vino Somontano y con el objetivo de ampliar -durante el día- la oferta de actividades del Festival Vino Somontano y aprovechar el flujo de turismo para dar a conocer el patrimonio vinícola de la zona, el Consejo Regulador organiza diferentes tipos de actividades para que quienes están en Somontano con motivo del certamen puedan realizar otras actividades originales vinculadas al vino además de disfrutar de la Muestra del Vino Somontano y de los espectáculos.

El programa cuenta con cuatro actividades. Todas se desarrollarán en el Espacio del Vino de la Denominación de Origen Protegida Somontano (Avda. de la Merced, 64, 1ª planta. 22300 BARBASTRO (Huesca) a las 6 de la tarde, tienen una duración de dos horas y un precio de 15€ por persona.