Regulatory Council


If we create and we believe, we increase

The Regulatory Council is a public law corporation that represents the interests of its member wine producers and wineries. The Plenary is its essential body for sector and government representation, which is renewed by vote every four years by all registered operators.

On 13 July 2021, the new Plenary of the Somontano PDO Regulatory Council was constituted, thus concluding the electoral process initiated on 17 May of the same year following the end of the previous term of office.

Since then, the members of the new Plenary are Bodega Pirineos (Ms. Silvia Arruego Maurín), Viñas del Vero (Mr. Enrique Artasona Larrosa), Bodega Enate (Mr. Luis Nozaleda Arenas), Bodega Sommos (Mr. Jorge Costa Cerezuela), Bodegas Fábregas (Mr. Gonzalo Alcalde Fábregas) and Bodegas Lalanne (Mr. Francisco Lalanne Matute). Francisco Lalanne Matute) as representatives of the wineries and Mr José María Mur Subías (Bodega Cooperativa Somontano del Sobrarbe), Bodega Enate (Mr Jesús Sesé Buil), Viñas del Vero (Mr José Ramón Ferrer Castillón), Bodegas Osca (Mr Ángel Borruel Rivarés), Mr Luis Olivera Bardají and Mr Jesús Arasanz Ciprés as representatives of the winegrowers. Mr. José Miguel Malo Betoré and Mr. Jesús Lobera Mairel are the two technical members representing the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Government of Aragón.

At the same constituent session of the new Plenary, the elected members unanimously appointed Mr. Francisco José Berroy Giral as President, until then secretary of the Regulatory Council, who has held the position since the terms of office of Mr. Mariano Sanagustín, Mr. Luis Miguel Subías, Mr. Mariano Beroz and Ms. Raquel Latre. Graduated as an agricultural engineer by the Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Huesca of the University of Zaragoza, in the professional career of the new president of the PDO Somontano, it is worth mentioning that he has been the Secretary of the PDO. Somontano, he has been the General Secretary of the D.O.P. Somontano for the last 27 years, a position he has held along with other responsibilities, including the Second Vice-Presidency of the Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils (from 2007 to 2017), having been first a member and then Secretary of the Somontano Wine Route (since 2005), a member of the general assembly of the Somontano Development Centre and secretary of the Alcanadre Medio irrigation community. The new president is also the manager of the Regulatory Council.

In October 2023, Mr. Enrique Artasona Larrosa retired from the Viñas del Vero winery and Mr. Sergio Torres Sánchez took his place in the Plenary.

The plenary

It is comprised of the chairperson, vice-chair, 12 members, 12 technical members (six wine producer and six winery representatives), two technical representatives from the Ministry of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon and a secretary general.


D. Francisco José Berroy Giral


D. Francisco Lalanne Matute


Dª. Mariola Subías Lisa


Bodega Pirineos (Dª. Silvia Arruego Maurín)
Viñas del Vero (D. Sergio Torres Sánchez)
Bodega Enate (D. Luis Nozaleda Arenas)
Bodega Sommos (D. Jorge Costa Cerezuela)
Bodegas Fábregas (D. Gonzalo Alcalde Fábregas)
Bodegas Lalanne (D. Francisco Lalanne Matute)


D. José Mª Mur Subías (Cooperativa Comarcal Somontano del Sobrarbe)
Bodega Enate (D. Jesús Sesé Buil)
Viñas del Vero (D. José Ramón Ferrer Castillón)
Bodegas Osca (D. Ángel Borruel Rivarés)
D. Luis Olivera Bardají
D. Jesús Arasanz Ciprés


D. José Miguel Malo Betoré
D. Jesús Lobera Mariel

Organigrama del Consejo