The Gastronomic Extravaganza, which has surpassed all expectations year after year in terms of public response, has been widely promoted and has taken on a starring role. In fact, it has become the true star of the Festival. The success it has garnered year after year reflects and explains why this year the Gastronomic Extravaganza will move even more into the spotlight, with redoubled promotional efforts.

In order to provide a larger space and greater comfort for both attendees and for the over twenty-five establishments in the participants area of the event, this year it will be held in the open space at the Trade Show Institution of Barbastro. The space is made up of over 12,000 square metres in which restaurants, decorative spaces, 400 tables and 4,000 chairs will be set up, in addition to marquees in which Somontano wines will be served.


Flor, Sobrelías, El Portal del Somontano, Sabores d’Entonces, Pastelería Iris, Embutidos Artesanos Melsa, Pastelería Güerri, Grupo Pastores – Ternasco de Aragón, Cafés Iniciativa Solidaria with the Alzheimer Association,

Quesos de Radiquero, Tres Caminos, Casa Samper, Pirineos, IberJabugo, Quesos Sierra de Guara, El Lagar del Vero, La Brasería, La Feria, Cueva Reina, El Placer, El Portillo, La Bodeguita, Piscis, Las Casas de Adamil.